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Hello, Real Estate, a specially designed WordPress Theme for websites which sell Villas, Apartments, Houses and Raw Houses, has had a new version – version 2.2.6. In this new version, we have fixed some known issues as well as updated premium plugins...
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Best Free Portfolio Joomla Extensions 2020

If you're an artist, a designer, a photographer, a freelancer or whoever planning to build your own portfolio-based website, the portfolio section is a very important part to showcase your abilities or your past work to your potential clients. Obviously, your potential customers will be easily convinced by the stunning presence of your past accomplishments. That you display your work with an image gallery or portfolios can have a positive influence on audiences because an image can speak a thousand words.
If you're using Joomla, you can find that there are many awesome portfolio extensions for Joomla that can help you to boost the website beyond belief. Right here below is the list of best free portfolio Joomla extensions you can take advantage of them to show off your dream portfolio website to the world.

TZ Portfolio Plus

TZ Portfolio+ is a perfect portfolio solution that can take your gallery to a new level. With the free version, users can enjoin all awesome features and functionalities It offers a powerful admin panel where you can create new projects, categories, fields, field groups, configure add-ons, manage layouts, and install extensions with just one-click. 

You can easily create advanced search and multi-level category filter in a smart way, as well as protect your photos with custom watermarks. TZ Portfolio+ is fully compatible with Joomla! SEF and most popular SEO extensions by sh404SEF. Above all, it's fully responsive and works well with most Joomla templates.

With TZ Portfolio+, you'll receive great assistance from the support team and its developers, no matter what your problem is, or even you give them a suggestion to improve the product, you're completely welcome.

Advanced Portfolio

Advanced Portfolio comes with a classic, neat, yet professional design that can hep you to build a beautiful portfolio. It allows you to filter articles by tags. All tags are managed and supported Joomla's Tag component. Apart from image support, the extension also supports to display videos by inserting video urls from Youtube or Vimeo. You also can add your own custom url to each project.
You also find it useful to have a pagination feature which is to prevent all projects from loading at once. It takes a short time to render your project list per page.

King Content

King Content is described as a comprehensive Joomla solution for different purposes including not only portfolio but news, magazine, blog, catalog. It's compatible with Joomla 3.9 and PHP 7. The extension allows you to create articles with images, gallery, field group, and extra fields. It supports Joomla ACL, which helps you submit, manage articles at the front-end based on user group.
Comment system is also integrated. King Content also includes other stunning features like ajax rating, RSS, language manager, related articles, tag support, and much more.

Portfolio Gallery

Portfolio Gallery is an extension developed by Huge-IT, that provides you with a solution of showing photos, videos, enclosing images and videos. It has up to 7 different views, and some of them offers you a free lightbox tool. For each project of Portfolio Gallery, of course, you can have image, title and description, as well as video support from Youtube or Vimeo. Besides that, this extension also comes with sorting buttons that help you to sort all created projects by date, name, and so on.

SP Simple Portfolio

As its name indicate, SP Simple Portfolio is a free Joomla component providing a clear and simple solution to create media portfolio functionality into your CMS website. This extension allows you to create, manage, and publish outstanding articles that are filterable by tags or categories. You can easily to adjust the number of columns 2, 3, or 4, as well as the number of items to show per page.
In general, SP Simple Portfolio is suitable for those who's looking for a portfolio extension with basic features, it's not so complex to handle with.

Last Works

Last Works is a responsive Joomla module that helps you to display articles in different ways by choosing a specific layout. There are 5 different layouts available for you to choose, but you're also able to add your own custom layout as template overrides.
Last Works allows you to set the ordering, categories, the number of articles to show, and display articles by order. Besides, it's easy to add the intro text and intro image to the module.

Here above are the list of Best Free Portfolio Joomla extensions in 2020 that you can try to build your own portfolio. Each of them has unique features and functionalities, let's give them a shot and don't forget to leave your comments or thoughts about them. 

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