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Charity Joomla! Template in Preview

Charity Joomla! Template in Preview

If you are searching for a Joomla! template for your non-profit organization, let’s check this article to grasp brief information of our upcoming template, Charity Joomla! Template. Then, you will be on the right track to form the backbone of your website.

Charity is a clean, modern but user friendly Joomla 3.x template which is typically created for non-profit organizations and charity projects with 5 elegant home versions, various pages suitable for a non-profit organization’s functions, clean blog, shop support, detailed about us and many other extra pages.

Owning a range of cutting-edge and out-standing features, this template surely makes your website amazing, attractive and impressive.

Charity, a responsive Joomla template, was built on Plazart Framework and strongly supports Joomla! 3x with HTML5 and CSS3. Apart from owning a stunning and clean interface and proper execution, Charity also makes use of TZ Portfolio Plus, Hikashop, JUX Charity Hub, Kunena Forum, JomSocial, Unite Revolution Slider 2, AcyMailing, TZ Twitter Widget, TZ Flickr Stream, TZ Google Map. Charity will help you to create an awesome website.

1. Various Home Versions

With 5 Home Page Versions, including Home 1, Home 2, Home 3, Home 4 and One Page, Charity can surely make your site becoming more impressive and unique.

Home 1:


One Page:

2. Functioned Pages for Charity Activities

Charity supports the exact pages for non-profit organization and charity events, namely: Causes, Events. With these pages, the visitors or sponsors can have a clear understanding of your activities and how your organization is operating.




3. Clean Blog Page

Users can create a clean and beautiful blog page easily with just some simple configurations.

4. Outstanding Shop Page

If you would like to have a shop selling charity goods in order to raise funds for your events and projects, Charity is a right choice as it supports Hikashop. You can create a beautiful and neatly shop easily.

5. Community Pages

Charity supports JomSocial from which you can create a community like a social network for people to get connected to your non-profit organization’s activities and events.

6. 2 Style Gallery

With 2 styles: Gallery 3 columns and Gallery 4 columns, you can create your own beautiful gallery for your website.

7. Detailed About Us

This page is a must as it provides a brief introduction of your non-profit organization, who you are, what and how you are doing and your targets to the visitors. By visting this page, they will know more about your organization.

8. Many Extra Pages:

Besides the main pages, Charity template supports style for lots of pages such as Our Volunteer, 404 Page, Contact, Forum, Shortcodes, Pricing Table, etc. This feature perfects this awesome work and will complete your site as well.


We hope that you will give Charity warm welcome and give it lots of love.

Stay tuned! Charity is going to be released soon :)

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