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Exception - Responsive Joomla Template in Preview

Exception - Responsive Joomla Template in Preview

To continue chains of multi-purposes template in November, We are happy to give you a news that new Responsive Joomla Template is going to be released, Exception Template

Exception is a template which can be suitable for all needs; Blog, Personal, Business, Company or Co-operation website
In addition, Exception owns full of options. This means you can use all options in your site in the useful way. The appearance of Exception will help you build an impressive way.
Here is full of option in Exception Template

1: Home Page

You will feel surprised when you are in HomePage. More than everything you think, Exception has 6 versions; Home version 1, Home version 2, Home version 3, Home News, Navigations, Headers. You can feel free to create for your Homepage

home 1

Other version in Home page

Home 2

2: Blog Page

Blog Page – an ideal place for posting and sharing your blogs with all your own images. With Exception , your article can display under 4 styles; Blog Large Image, Blog Small Image, Blog Single, Blog Masonry. Now, it is high time for you to experience with this page! Welcome you.

Blog 1

Other style in Blog page

Home 2

3: Portfolio Page

With 6 styles in Portfolio Page; Portfolio 4 Columns, Portfolio 3 columns, Portfolio 2 columns, Portfolio single, Portfolio single 2, Portfolio Full, you can create beautiful Portfolio with image and content you like

Portfolio 1

Other Style in Portfolio page

Portfolio 2

4: Shop Page

This is an excellent place to serve your e-commerce purpose on your site. With using Hikashop, you can show all your products here. It will help you create an online shop


5: Pages

This is page which you can find out more pages; About us, Service, Meet our Team.... This means you can apply these pages for your site in the easy way


6: Elements Page

This Page includes Typography and Short code system which can help you to create useful interfaces in your websites.


7: Expecting Settings

To make our product become more complete, we will have a plan to update some options for template
      •    Homepage: will add 3 more versions: Home version4, Home version 5 and Footer
      •    Shop Page: Our team will update 2 more styles for Product Page: Right Sidebar and Left sidebar
      •    Blog Page: In this page, there will be supported one more styles: Left sidebar
      •    Element page: You will have a chance to use Coming Soon page when you offline your site

8: FUDs ( Fear, uncertainty and doubt)

This Template only supports Joomla 3.x. So, some features will not work with Joomla 2.5
In addition, Exception Template only uses HikaShop component with Start version. If so you would like to use Business version, you can refer to HikaShop to get it
I have just given you some exciting information about Exception Template
If you feel interested in it, you can share or introduce it to your friends

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