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How To Add Font In Plazart FrameWork

How To Add Font In Plazart FrameWork

As you know Plazart Framework is Joomla Template Framework. You will be able to develop a new Template when you use Plazart Framework.In addition, Plazart Framework supports 3 styles of font; Google Font, Squirrel Font and Adobe Edge Font.

Therefore, you can add one of 3 styles of font in your Template. In this review, we will help you discover the way to add font in Plazart Framework easily so that you can change font whenever you want.

1.For Google Font

It will be easy for you to add Google Font in Plazart Framework with simple steps that we will give you:

1: You go to Template Manager -> Plazart Blank Module -> Font.

google font

Step 2: You will click on “Click Here” to go to “Google Font” website where you can choose font that you want.

add google

Step 3: After you selected font, you will add font’s link in url font and font family


Step 4: you only save and reload in homepage to see changes

2.For Squirrel Font

With adding Squirrel Font into Plazart Framework, it is more complicated than Google font. However, you can follow our instructions that help you do easily

Step 1: You click on “Click here” to go “Font Squirrel” website in which you can choose any font that you want to add in your site.



After click "Click Here", you will go to this address where you can feel free to choose font for your website

Step 2: When you complete to choose font, you will click that font/webkit font/download like bellow image


Step 3: After finishing downloading font, you will extract that font file. Next, you will open that file and choose one of them 


Step 4: After you select font in step 3, you will open it and edit stylesheet.css file. For example, i will choose "open_sanssemibold_italic" font, I will open this file and edit with Notepad++ stylesheet.css file.



Step 5:You will create new folder. After editing, you will copy and paste " open_sanssemibold_italic" to rename new folder.


Now, you will open font file that you have chosen in step 3 and copy & paste all into renamed new folder (For example; i have chosen "open_sanssemibolditalic_macroman" file. I will open this file, copy and paste all in this file into new folder that i renamed " open_sanssemibold_italic) like below image


Step 6: In this step, you will copy new folder in your font folder in your Template with path:templates/your template/fonts

Finally, you will go to Administrator/Template Manager/Font and choose type of font that you configured . You can do following to below image.


That's all steps that help you add font in Plazart Framework.

3.For Adobe Edge Font.

Step 1: Like Squirrel Font and Google Font, with Adobe Edge font, you also click on “Click Here” to go “Adobe Edge Web Font” where you will choose a font for your Template.

click adobe

Step 2: After you choose font from Adobe Edge Web, you have to add that font’s link in url font and font family.

link adobe

You can see more detailed in here


I have just given you some steps that are useful for adding font in your webssite. i hope that this guide can help you in developing your font site.

Now, Let join us and get interesting experiences. 

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