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How to purchase a Joomla Template of Templaza?

How to purchase a Joomla Template of Templaza?

You want to become a leader in your business and in website building. But you have difficulty making your website perfect since you have not found out a great template. Let's come to Templaza- where you can find what you want and where you discover how our templates transfer your site.

Templaza offers a wide variety of products on Joomla. With only a few clicks, you can own a template full of advanced features that suits your need best.
The first thing you need to do is register at in Login Section:


 You will then log in your account with user name and password passed previously:


You then go to Joomla Templates Section and find one that meets your demand and want to purchase it immediately; there are some ways to get it. Here, there are two ways to purchase a template:
The first way is through SINGLE LICENSE:

single license

Single license allows you to download and use one template only. Under single license, you can download from our site during your product time: 12 months. You may also use the template on unlimited domains on any page.
For more information, you can see here:
The second way is through SIGNUP, by choosing a membership type:


 Joomla Membership License allows you to download and use all templates on Joomla. We offer four kinds of membership:
Personal membership is suitable for individual customers who want to build a personal websites. You are allowed to download from our site during your subscription period: 4 months.
Business membership is suitable for corporate customers, who want to build company websites. You are allowed to download from our site during your subscription period: 12 months.
Lifetime membership is suitable for individuals, organizations and enterprises who want to stick with Templaza. It lasts forever and there is no need to renew this type of subscription.
Developer membership is suitable for web developers, who want to use templates to redistribute to their customers. You are allowed to download from our site during your subscription period: 12 months.
For more information, you can see here:
Depending on your need, you choose membership. After you successfully make payment via Paypal or bank transfer, all what you need is to log in your account, download it and experience it in such a great way.
It is really so easy to own outstanding templates that certainly satisfy your need best. Let's come to Templaza and take your templates right way!


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