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Application security is the process of making software and web resources secure and impenetrable to hijacking attempts. As an application is made up of thousands of lines of code and hundreds of resources, it is not possible to manually secure every ...
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Today, I'm so pleased to introduce a brand new template named Martha that is designed to fit your needs in launching a portfolio, creative studio, blog, or event online store with Joomla. At the first look, Martha is completely appealing to the eyes ...
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Today, I would like to inform you about the release of the Logistics - Cargo Transportation Joomla template which was updated to perform a lot of improvements and goodies. Logistic is the template you should make a pick whether you're looking fo...
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If you're searching for the best single property real estate Joomla templates, this article is the right place. As you know, people often cross by real estate websites to look for properties, so it's important to deliver an excellent user experi...
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Hi guys, As you know, the pet care business is rising as a booming trend today. Before starting this business field, you must make a detailed plan on how to generate potential customers, sales, and profits to become successful. First a...
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How to use tags effectively?

How to use tags effectively?

Tags, in the simplest manner, are something specific like index words in a book, not general and broad like a category. Tags are similar to categories but they are used to describe your articles in a more detailed way.

 By using tags, writer helps readers find the specific articles easily. If writer doesn't use tags, that does not make any problem; but the writers will confuse the readers because they have to spend a lot of time looking for information. Using tags in searching posts on site becomes necessary. However, not many people know how to use tags effectively. Here are some tips:
1. Tags should be short: tags are like index words/keywords that users are interested in and they use to find detailed information fast and easily. So it should be short and relevant to the content.


2. Tags should be repeated: Do not expand the number of tags. Writers should use a few tags only. Used tags must be sticked to the content. Knowing what readers care and what they are looking for is very important. Tags, therefore, will be used in the right way with an appropriate number.

3. Tags' name should not be the same as that of category: Do not use the same name for tags and categories. They serve for different purposes, so different names.

Tags can be considered as a powerful tool to search information. Try to use it smartly and effectively; if not, users can easily be so confused with tags.

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