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Hi, Halloween is coming. Are you waiting for an amazing discount on this special event? Yes, definitely sure. TemPlaza would like to give you a special offer for the spookiest holiday with 30% OFF. This discount will be applied to some featured items...
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Hi, I would like to inform you about the completion of an updated batch that includes up to 13 Joomla templates. They are completely compatible with Joomla 3.9.22, Astroid 2.4.5, and other supported components. We have also addressed a lot of well-kn...
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Hello Guys, Obviously, it is crucial to keep a website up-to-date and equip it with new features and functionalities. Being aware of this important task, our products frequently come up with fixes and improvements so that you can often update your we...
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Did you know that bad web design can affect conversions and sales? An unattractive website is reserved for a redesigned website.Regardless of the size of your company or your industry, it is important that you take a strategic approach when redesigni...
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We're so happy to announce all about important updates on 7 Joomla templates which were addressed to fix some known issues and got a bunch of new features, and improvements. To be honest, we're so sorry for any inconvenience that you have been facing...
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LANIA - The November Responsive Template in Preview

LANIA - The November Responsive Template in Preview

Templaza are very happy to announce that another responsive template is going to be released.

Continuing the chain of multi-purpose template, Lania - a clean and modern website will be one suiting all needs: Blog, Events, Company website, Personal website...The appearance of Lania surely makes you surprised. Be always with us to welcome Lania and experience it together!

1. Homepage view

With different four styles, homepage can be made up by its owner. Styles can be chosen by your want or need, completely up to you. Mastering entirely page feels the best!









2. Portfolio view

A very remarkable feature in every template. This is a container covering all your projects before, now and in the future.




3. Time line view

One helps you manage your site scientifically and effectively. All articles are ordered by time, so only need to take a while to find the desired items.


4. Blog view

This is where gives the powerful convenience for displaying leading or normal items for any kind of blog: event blog, corporate blog style....







5. Guestbook view

Let's freely leave your message here right now.


6. The view tag

This page is like a mini blog in which items appear by tags. Choose a tag you want, then what you can see is articles contaning tag.


7. Typography and Shortcode view

This is a defined style system which create an usability to custom articles. From here, your Personality turns up.






8. The archive view

A little bit different from Timeline page, articles, in this part, are only archived ones. Items appear time by time in the most intutive way possible.


9. Contact view

Where you keep in touch with others. Requests, comments, queries...all are transfered to the other side via email.




TZ Portfolio- Version 3.1.7
How to create a multilingual site in Joomla 3

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