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Liona Joomla Template - Simple Way to Build a Professional Business Website

Liona Joomla Template - Simple Way to Build a Professional Business Website

TemPlaza Team is pleased to announce that  A New Responsive Joomla Template is going to be released; Liona Template

Liona is a clean and modern Joomla 3.x template which is created for business sites as well as any creative portfolio or blogging sites. With many cutting-edge features, Liona surely makes your works be effective and impressive among the other ones.

1: Homepage

Liona supports 9 types of home pages. They are: Home Index, Home Vertical, Home Slider Background, Home Video Background, Home Supervised, Home Revolution, Home Vertical Shop, Home Horizontal Shop and Home Background. You can feel free to create your Homepage that you like.

Other home page

2. Portfolio page

With Portfolio Page, you can show all your works with images in Portfolio page. You can absolutely change the structure of a detail article in Portfolio page through the layout template of article. This is a quite new feature of our TZ Portfolio Component.

3. Login page

This is a separate page for you and your other users to login in your site. It looks a uniquely-designed page.

4. Shop page

You want to have an online shop which you can show and sell all your products. Shop page can help you. With using Virtuemart component, you can make an online store on your site.

5. Blog Page

You would like to find a place where you can show your news with images. Don't worry, Blog page can help you. Like Portfolio page, you can absolutely change the structure of a detail article in Blog page through the layout template of article. Please try it! I am sure that you will have a fresh feel when you can change the structure of a detail blog article by yourselves.

6. Other features:

  • Support Joomla 3.x.
  • Support various Family Fonts as well as Google Fonts.
  • Allow to set logo and slogan.
  • Use two kinds of menus such as vertical and horizontal.
  • Support other extensions: Virtuemart, Unite Revolution Slider 2, JComment, Tz Portfolio.

Above is some Liona Template information that we would like to give you in preview. If you have just had a look in this post and feel interested in this Template, feel free to leave comments or offer us any contributions to help us develop Liona usefully and friendly to users.

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