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Hello, Real Estate, a specially designed WordPress Theme for websites which sell Villas, Apartments, Houses and Raw Houses, has had a new version – version 2.2.6. In this new version, we have fixed some known issues as well as updated premium plugins...
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[Update] Auto Showroom Gets Fixes and Improvements

One of our regular tasks at TemPlaza is updating products and giving our customers the latest technology to run their website smoothly. That's why, accompanying with introducing new features, we often fix all known issues. Today, we are excited to inform you that the Auto Showroom has already been updated with lots of improvements and some fixes as below.

We added a new option to change the car icon on the Compare List page so that it's easier for users who are building a boat or motorbike website to use a new suitable icon. You can navigate to Appearance > Theme Option > Vehicle Option > Vehicle Compare to see this new option. Also, an option for changing the color title was added to the Service Item element. 

New option to change the car icon on the Compare List page
New option to change the Color Title in the Service Item element

Additionally, we also included the latest version of some plugins like Revolution Slider, WooCommerce, Progression Car Dealer and TZ Autoshowroom. Let's see the full changelogs to see what changes are in this new version:

- Updates:

  • Revolution Slider Version 6.2.15
  • WooCommerce Version 4.3.1
  • Progression Car Dealer Version 1.9.2
  • TZ AutoShowroom Version 1.9.3
  • Added a new option to change the car icon on the Compare List
  • Added a new option to change the color title in the Service Item Element

- Fixes: 

  • Display of the Car Brochure button when it's empty
  • Translation error of the Newsletter form
  • Error with menus on mobile when Max Mega Menu option is disabled
  • Responsive Breakpoint in Max Mega Menu setting

We highly recommend you to update your website to the latest theme version and enjoy new features and improvements. 

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